The whole process, from the raw materials or semi-finished items to the finished product.

Our company is able to meet the needs of customers that operate in many different sectors, we work on the customer's design and we provide our experience during the design and prototyping phases too.

The production departments have horizontal and vertical machining centers, numerically controlled lathes, machines dedicated to specific product lines and can draw on carpentry experience and know-how to deliver to our customers optimally finished products.

We provide a quality service also thanks to the competence of our certified suppliers, with whom we have running collaborations spanning decades.

We can supply the product completely finished with heat treatments, paintings and further processings, even not performed internally.

We are well equipped, both for large series and single specialized products.

In order to respond promptly to needs and satisfy even the most stringent delivery requests, it's possible to arrange with customers extra stocks of necessary semi-finished and finished products.

AS Mechanical Technology is ISO 9001:2015 certified.

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