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Quality Certifications

The incoming material is always inspected and marked with certificates and identification tags of origin in order to trace the items made with it.

Quality is not only limited to perfect compliance with the designs' dimension and tolerance parameters, but concerns the entire management process, from confirmation and receipt of the order to compliance with lead time and delivery dates agreed upon with the customer.

Download the Bureau Veritas Quality Certification.

The AS Mechanical Technology doctrine

We use only the best suited materials to the project specifications.

Certificates of all incoming materials are mandatory for our suppliers.

Our staff strictly follows certified quality procedures.

We carry out inspections on the products supplied in compliance with ISO standards in a metrology room equipped with high precision three-dimensional measurement instruments,  so that customers can depend on thorough quality control procedures.

The production departments are managed by a centralized computer system which, through terminals connected to each machine tool, makes use of three-dimensional measuring instruments that have the task of constantly monitoring the various production processes in real time.

Specific application for aerial platforms: Platform rotation kit

AS Mechanical Technology enjoys a consolidated, recognized and multi-year presence in the construction, shipbuilding and logistics markets.

The continuous evolution of our company capabilities has allowed us to build new partnerships in the field of Ceramics and Agriculture lately as well.

By studying a light and economical system for wheel-transport machines, AS Mechanical Technology has invested in the research of materials and manufacturing processes to seize this little explored but very interesting opportunity.

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