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Precision mechanical manufacturing.

Manufacturing and machining services for precision engineering constructions.

Processing and production of custom mechanical parts and components for third parties

Since 1969, thanks to continuous investments in the technological and quality management department, our company delivers production and processing services of excellent precision, reliability and flexibility to customers in Italy and Europe.
Over the years we have diversified processing and production through:
- Large investments in cutting-edge systems for specialized machining and processing
- Investments in precision measuring instruments for three-dimensional measurement
- Early and capillary adoption of automated systems and certified quality management software and processes

Quality Certifications

The incoming material is always inspected and marked with certificates and identification tags of origin in order to continuosly track the items made with it.

Quality is not only limited to perfect compliance with the designs' dimension and tolerance parameters, but concerns the entire management process, from confirmation and receipt of the order to compliance with lead time and delivery dates agreed upon with the customer.

Download the Bureau Veritas Quality Certification.

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Our future is 4.0

Despite all the difficulties associated with post-Covid scenarios, AS Mechanical Technology srl has never stopped investing in the technologies of the future.

The implementation of real-time monitoring solutions aims at higher productivity, better production quality and reduction of processing waste, thanks to the use of sensors that constantly monitor product lines in real time.

The end result is a growing overall competitiveness of the company, that allows us to meet even better our customers' needs.

Discover the project Digital Transformation, made possible by the call for innovation in manufacturing of Italy's Emilia Romagna region.

Why choose AS Mechanical Technology

Since 1969, thanks to technological advancements and continuous investments, our company delivers services of unique precision, reliability and flexibility to customers in Italy and Europe.

A consolidated and multi-year presence in the construction, shipbuilding, logistics, ceramics and agriculture markets, together with experience, technology and amazing people, make our company a highly reliable production reality, expert in the sectors of turning, milling, manufacturing and design of mechanical parts, jacks and hydraulic blocks.

Continuous investments in cutting-edge technologies, efficient and certified quality processes, precision tools for three-dimensional measurement, automated management software and great flexibility complete the company profile.

Our company is able to meet the needs of customers that operate in many different sectors, we work on the customer's design and we provide our experience also in the design and prototyping phases.

We are well equipped, both for large series and single custom/specialized products.

The production departments have horizontal and vertical machining centers, numerically controlled lathes, machines dedicated to specific product lines and can draw on carpentry and know-how to deliver to our customers an optimal and complete production from a quality-focused single point of contact of tested and certified reliability.

AS Mechanical Technology srl is ISO 9001:2015 certified.

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